This is What I call a Classic Case of Irony

Proof! Good Things Don’t Last Long” – So true when it comes to a company like Unitech.

Share prices fell from Rs.546 to Just Rs.20 in less than a year.

Unitech Residences Gurgaon Ad.

Unitech Share Prices

4 Responses to “This is What I call a Classic Case of Irony”

  1. What is the share price now?? Checked that? Dumb people like you bring internet a poor name.

  2. Sabihur, the sahre price currently is Rs.77 which is still way below the high of Rs.547… anyways… looks like you missed out my point completely.

  3. Stock market is speculative and you know it why bother if it dips,play cool stay chill, this a part of your play game fee of your choice play.Is it not true sir?

  4. it is just a sattire i suppose why to take it seriously!!