Creative Ways India Controls Population

Time and time again I have been cribbing about how the Indian government usually handles delicate situations and I realized today that maybe I have gone too far with it and I realized that there are so many things which the government has done which deserves credit.

Below is the list of creative ways which the government uses to fight the population problem.

1. Delaying repairs of potholed roads, which are quite affective in killing people and damaging vehicles, therefore solving two problems in one go, have less people and less vehicles on the road.

2. Putting lots of dirt and dust every where they can find a place. This helps increase respiratory problems which could lead to death. Cruel way but never the less it’s effective!

3. Make government hospitals so filthy that it becomes breeding ground for diseases. Ultimately helps to kill the very patients coming there to get better… Ironic!

4. Promote road rash, by letting the culprits go scot-free. After all they are serving the society.

5. Promote criminals in politics, best way to get rid of enemies without causing any public outcry.

6. Have metal road dividers break and stick out on the road. Not the best way to go but very affective. Motorists don’t even what hit them till its too late.

7. Keep a tree standing in the middle of the road… quite efficient in doing what they are required of.

8. Keep traffic lights switched off, more off then not. Traffic chaos is sure to keep few drivers off the road permanently.

9. Freely inviting terrorist to help solve the population problem by the truckloads.

I am sure I must have missed out many more points, feel free to add yours below.

2 Responses to “Creative Ways India Controls Population”

  1. A few more:

    1. Have no proper arrangements for ‘melas’- so people may die due to stampedes

    2. Have the porous porous – so that a few may get to CST, Nariman point and Taj to take a toll

    3. Allow more than 9 ppl to sit in a 3 seater auto [Shared auto travelers would understand the horrors]

    4. Allow pesticides to be sold in the name of soft drink

    5. Allowing movies like Ghajini to be released

    6. Allowing those soap operas to run (remember the K series?)

    [The above three are slow deaths]

    7. allow kids to be burdened with a lot of course work and give them corporeal punishment until they die [remember Shanno Khan?]

    8. allow sewage water and drinking water to be mixed and a few lives (ref to Bholakpur case)

    9. Finally, allowing me to write – how many people would have died reading my comment is anyone’s guess 😉

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