Your Next Door Beggar

In a country where even politicians beg, there is hardly any surprise when a beggar on the street is more qualified then you and even makes more money. Besides, they are their own boss 😉

Read the funny article below, taken from HT

With homes & degrees, city beggars can be choosers

FINDS SOME EARN OVER RS 500 A DAY HUNDREDS OF beggars crowding Delhi’s roads and religious places own houses, many earn more than whitecollar workers, some have college de- grees and several said they picked up a begging bowl as they could not find suitable jobs, a study conducted for the Delhi government has shown.

A survey of 3,526 beggars by Delhi University’s Social Work Department found four had university degrees while six had completed college. All of them hung around traffic junctions in the city The study said there were about 58,000 beggars in the capital, but NGOs put the figure at around 75,000.

The most comprehensive study on begging in Delhi since 1959 said the majority of beggars surveyed were illiterate, but 176 of them had finished school and 321 had studied up to primary.

The study said several beggars earn up to Rs 500 a day higher than what several blue and white-collars workers make. Many said they did not plan to take up replar jobs. The study finind 21 beggars spent between Rs 150 and Rs 200 a day while at least 10 spent up to Rs 500. And that’s not all. As many as 355 beggars have their own houses and cycle or take public transport to reach their begging spots. Delhi’s Social Welfare Minister Yoganand Shastri said: “Given the seriousness of the problem, our approach will be multi pronged.”

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