Nokia Navigation and GPS

I just got the new Nokia E71 which has the GPS bundled into it. Though I did not buy the mobile because of the GPS facility but it is a cool add on. However I would NOT advice people to buy a phone just because they want the GPS facility, it’s not worth it.

The GPS is helpful but only to the extent if you know where you are going 😉 It’s pretty much impossible for you to search a location, yes.. you can search Grater Kailash but don’t expect it to show you all the Blocks. Want to go hang out at Big Chill at Khan Market… better sit a friend along who knows the way, you cannot reply on the GPS to search for the place. If you take a different road the GPS would not recalculate to show you a possible route, it would prompt you to head back to the same location from where you detoured.

Have you seen the Nokia TV advertisement where this girl is lost and is traveling in the auto to find her relatives place… let me tell you straight off… that is full of bull. If I am not able to find a hot spot in Delhi’s most happening places, how the heck would you find someone’s house in small town in Punjab?

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  1. GPS is short for Global Positioning System which is a satellite-based positioning technology that allows a GPS receiver to identify its location anywhere on Earth.