No IPL Cheerleaders in Mumbai

IPL CheerleadersIt’s a little funny that the Maharashtra government has banned the IPL cheerleaders from performing at Navi Mumbai for the IPL match calling it “vulgar” while so many dance bars in Mumbai remain open for which the term vulgar actually fits.

Below is a excerpt from HT epaper

THE SKIMPILY-CLAD, beaming cheerleaders – who have been victims of propositions and obscenities – We have to skip the Indian Premier League matches held in Navi Mumbai. So the police have decided.

Beginning this Sunday when Mumbai plays against Hyderabad, five IPL matches will be played at the D.Y Patil stadium in Nerul, and none of them will see any cheerleaders.

Following objections raised by legislators in Maharashtra on Wednesday, the state home department asked the Mumbai and Navi Mumbai police to take a decision on the issue before giving performance licences for the cheerleaders.

On Thursday the Navi Mumbai police told organisers – the D.Y. Patil Sports Academy which owns the stadium that cheerleaders would not be allowed at the IPL matches.

6 Responses to “No IPL Cheerleaders in Mumbai”

  1. Cheerleaders will now be allowed in the Mumbai matches provided they are not vulgar. Who will decided on that? humm… the Mumbai police (Since they have no other work to do)

    Quote from HT epaper
    “The dances should be decent and the clothes sober. The licence law is clear about vulgarity in performances,” Wagh said. He could not define vulgarity, though: “It’s difficult to define; it’s a grey area… Even courts have not defined it clearly. The officer on the spot will decide.”

  2. A big fuss over nothing.Majority goes to watch the match & not the cheerleaders.Costumes maybe a little skimpy but worse wardrobe malfunctioning can be seen around,anyway.Note for all creating a row,”Dude,its time you grew up in life.”

  3. Cheerleaders are an ugly sight. It’s obscene. It’s minds that only see women as their bodies like these ugly spectacle.

  4. Raj, I totally disagree… IPL is not a sports event, it is an entertainment show and just like any other show there has to be some singing and dancing. Cheerleaders are not there to cheer the players; they are there for the people watching the show. An all round entertainment package!

  5. Still there are a number of people who are having a very narrow thinking.
    I just want to say to them “Please transfer your thinking from negative to positive.”

  6. The cricket is fast and exciting, a spectacle in its own right. However, there are still those annoying little breaks.The change over at the end of the over, wickets, trying to get the ball after Chris Gayle has kindly donated it to the 20th row of the stand etc. Something is needed to keep the atmosphere going and entertain the crowd. This has, for years been the domain of the cheerleader. As to the costumes, Have you seen the costumes of dancers in Bollywood films? Double standards? People who are trying to ban them or make them cover up are risking making India a laughing stock.