The Gujjar Fiasco

The way the things are going on in India, it appears that despite exceptionally brilliant brains, India may die its own death.

The Gujjar’s recent agitation for getting SC/ST status is one of glaring example of that. I am not against Gujjars or for that matter any community or cast. All are our brothers /sisters and we have to remain united and keep harmony and at the same time progress forward in this competitive world. What I am worried that this kind of infighting will doom all of us one day.

All our senior political leaders are sitting silently and watching the agitation. Nobody is daring to speak on this issue, just to save their seat in power. Blame game is going on to achieve political mileage.

How long issue such as ‘reservation’ will keep on cropping up. It is now more than 50 years and we are going on providing reservation status to various communities / cast, without realizing that this situation is causing more and more resentment in the mind of people who are adversely affected.

I think it is the time the top leaders of all political parties should come together and agree on a common agenda to abolish the reservation issue once for all. In addition to political parties, I feel that it is a great responsibility of media to call for debate from senior intellectual people so that a common agenda is prepared and agreed. I understand that some of media organizations are taking up this issue forward.

If we love our India, we all should share the feelings and responsibility to spread awareness of all such issues which are unnecessarily bringing bad name to India. In my opinion more infrastructure, educational institutes, job opportunities should be created rather than providing reservations on cast/community basis. Positive thinking is very essential to bring a stop to such uncalled activities.

Article Submitted by Ashok

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