Dirty, Stinky and Crowded; The IGI Airport

Indira Gandhi Airport in Ruins, photograph taken from HTThe Indian government has decided that they will give foreign tourists a first class tour of what Delhi is all about, starting right from the airport. The have strategically placed litter, waste and dogs at various location to make the airport look and feel like the crowded streets of old Delhi. This is a superb endeavor possibly masterminded by the Ministry of Tourism and GMR (who have pledged to give the Indira Ghandhi International Airport a world class look)

The arrival and departure terminals are done up in the same way. “We would like our guests to take the smell of India with them, when they leave the country. Keeping in tune with the Incredible India campaign of Atithi Devo Bhava (Our Visitor is God)” said an airport employee who did not want to be named.

Alas the campaign was over today and all the props have been cleared up. All what remains is the wonderful smell, a little bird has it that Chanel is planning to capture the smell of India and sell it as a limited edition unisex perfume to lucky people across the world.

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