Is Robert Vadra aam aadmi?

With the latest Robert Vadra and DLF scandal, the entire Congress clan has come to Robert’s defense… mostly calling him an “aam aadmi” (common man) who is being put accused for things which he has not even committed.

Don’t you think calling Robert Vadra an aam aadmi is a quite a stretch… he this was the case then every person in India would be given SPG, all common people of India would be exempt from being frisked or stopped at any airport of India… and various other Kingly luxuries which have been granted to him.

Please comment on what you make out of this controversy. I applaud Arvind Kejriwal to come forth and expose such racquets which haven also been done previously by Dr. Subramanian Swamy (Chief of Janta Dal) but some how congress always found a way to supress them.

Since you all would have already seen the ABP news video of Robert Vadra, i would like to show you a video of Subramanian Swamy exposing Robert back in Feb 2012

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