Petrol Price vs. Society

Today the Govt. has finally increased fuel prices steeply as was inevitable with international crude price spiraling. I do not know why this government waited so long in taking this decision? Is this hike going to affect poor and rich equally? A uniform price hike in fuels would inevitably mean that a person who has a scooter or a bike in a family of 4 or 5 will be reduced to travel by the pathetic public transport system (look at the buses from Delhi to Gurgaon, or the state of affairs in Mumbai local train.. and what to talk of buses in rural U.P. and other states!!), while the rich / super rich would continue running 4 cars in a family of four. Why should the price of petrol or diesel or as a matter of fact, even onions & potatoes, be same for a person earning Rs 100 a day and for those earning in millions like the Ambanie’s, Bajaj’s, Wadia’s or other such people. Do we really deserve to be called a Socialist Nation? Where will this disparity lead to? Can no one see a rebellion brewing? What would happen when the marginalized will have no money to live? Will they die or would they retaliate? My guess is that crime would increase. An empty stomach can even produce young killers for as low as Rs 500 (see recent reports in National News papers). Who is to be held responsible then?

There can be ways to help ease the situation. Insulate, or at least cushion the poor a bit. Do rationing of diesel / petrol and establish robust systems that monitor and enforce against black marketeering of the fuels. Another way could be higher prices for higher consumption of fuels like the telephone tariffs in the older days, which increased as one utilized more of the services. When resources are less & demand is huge, this is how a balance can be made in the society. This is exactly the case with fuels these days. Production of cars may be reduced for domestic markets & ‘Bicycle zones’ may be created on the lines of China and some other countries. Surplus cars may be exported to other countries who can afford.

Reduce the fleet of supporting cars around ‘Netas’, put a check on the surplus use of petrol and diesel by bureaucrats & the likes who immensely misuse their official cars for personal usage. Only when positive steps like these are taken, we can expect the gap between rich / powerful & poor to be reduced & society to continue at peace.

Article sent by Sumit

3 Responses to “Petrol Price vs. Society”

  1. Petroleum price hike is inevitable because we are living in such a country where public interest is suppressed by that of corporate interest. Govt (earlier NDA and now UPA) are very eager to keep the interests of the corporate interests than that of public. Our PM’s having government “aids”, so his better half is not effected by this issue, and he has many to just get away with his lifetime (earned as a “brokerage fee” from his “baap” US), but what about us.. I think there should be a revolution like that of Nepal to teach these politicians a lesson that general public’s tolerance level is touching the limit.

  2. Sumit, i am not sure if i agree with you on the rationing part.. the quota debate is on the similar issues but we all know that because of quota our country is where it is today.. in the dump. If we do the same with petrol then god only knows that will happen!

  3. Why does the govt not make sincere efforts in finding alternative fuels?? Where is all the big budget for scientific research going…or are the funds only for sending out satellites or empowering nuclear relevance.Is this what is Modern Science??

    Will we always stay a beggar for this one commodity????