IPL- We’re Already Missing You…

Finally, curtains are down with present session of IPL with its unprecedented success resounding in all quarters. These 45 days of action packed evenings were all about record settings, fresh statistics, crispy controversies, live drama, flow of emotions and most of all about giving ‘The Ekta Kapoor TV Time’ a run for the money.

The spectacular tournament set side all doubts of the huge amounts of the franchisee and BCCI money at stake. The BCCI alone earned Rs.350 crore from its inaugural year as also the celebrity franchisee teams stand to break even in its first year of being.

But what was most incredible was the spirit with which the players united as a team irrespective of the global boundary,skin color or language limitation.Untainted sign language, ‘V are one’ prevailed. Spectators cheered good play rejuvenating the sweat dripped players fighting not just the opponent but also the adverse weather conditions in this part of the subcontinent.

The six week long starlit evenings saw legends proving themselves yet again and the less discovered stars shine to sparkling heights. Yusuf Pathan, Asnodkar, Goni, Shikhar Dahwan established their fame with pure sport. Shane Watson with no place for himself in Australian team rose to be ‘The Man of the IPL series’. Unknown Shaun Marsh was the highest run getter. Unparralled experience of Shane Warne holding reigns of the Royals(the under dogs), drove them to a splendid IPL victory.

All this and more to prove the magnitude of success of this great cricketing event of all times.

So for now, adieu to all the excitement but as King Khan would say’Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost’…eagerly waiting for the next session…Till then keep missing

The cheerleaders
The slap n cry
Warne v/s Dada
The Priety Jhappis
Liquor Baron V/s Jammy
Lesson for King Khan-coach v/s captain
…n more

Article written by Vandana.

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