Goes Public!

No! I am not launching an IPO for… at least not just yet! 😉 I had a thought last night that why don’t i make this website open for public cribbs too! While has been online for a few months only, still it has managed to create a buzz, the biggest success we have had till date was getting to change their privacy policy to be more customer friendly, and this was due to an article i had posted sometime back.

If just one article can make a company make such a big change in the way they function, it would not be hard to imagine that we can truly bring a social reform if we can somehow make everyone aware of the problems and suggesting smart solutions along with it.

I believe Hindustan Times already has a “My Cribb” section in their newspaper where people write letters along with proof about their problems with companies etc.. someone are not able to get their Pension, other are still waiting on their Passports… faulty washing machines with companies taking no notice of that (Yeh!! I have a Whirlpool machine with a serious manufacturing defect and the company is not ready to repair it… even thought it is in warranty period).

HT has it in print version… we can have this online, reaching millions of net users and companies taking immediate notice of it.

I would like to hear what you think of it.. you can email me using the contact us page or just write in a comment below so that we can start a active discussion on it.

If you or someone you know would like to send a cribb, then pass this website along to them. Send your cribbs through the contact us form and i will post them right away!! and its all FREE!! you don’t even have to pay the postage stamp..hahaha

So what are you waiting for… India is not going to change itself… we all need to make this happen together!

Use this FORM to send me your cribb.

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  1. Hear my story.

  2. And this problem still persists.

  3. […] …. For a social cause. […]

  4. I have purchased the whrilpool refrigrator one year back and at that time the customer care people has forced me to enter their AMS contact.After that the company has send welcome letter after that I tried to contact due to some problem, through the mention phone number. No Phone is working even after that I called the Dealer, even he does’t know , later he found and given phone no. Mean while I tried all customer care centers belongs to other states, luckly I got Pune Customer care, later they given some phone no , even that phone no is not working.

    My concern when they changed phone no, at least they should intimate to the customers who are in AMC.

    I am totally unhappy about the Call with Customer Care

  5. Suchita Bhhatia on June 25th, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    I have been trying to file my mothers delhi property tax through the MCD online website.. everything was smooth, but i was unable to pay my online payment through my card.. i couldn’t login with the password and reg no they gave me.. there was no other way to log in.. i tried to register again but but it wouldn’t consider my request.. i have been calling up all the contact numbers provided in the website, half the numbers are not working, and two people who picked up my phone spoke in the typical delhi hariyanvi accent having no answer to my query…. imagine providing contact numbers on a website that are not working.. thats the reason our country will never grow further with such people sittting on the other side.. now how do i do my payment.. i still don’t have the answer sittin in Mumbai.. as the website won’t register me again..

    there is no extra information provided, like forgot your password or a e mail sent from their end saying i have been registered..

  6. 1) In real estate matters the buyers are innocent and is not aware of how costing is fixed by the builder/ DDA etc..Weather readers would support my proposal to request govt authority to make it mandatory to write MRP of each flates of a covered constructed area open for sale inclsive of all kinds charges viz free hold,registery etc, on lines of packed eatables,groccessaries and in many more items on .THIS WOULD PUT A RIDDER ON BUILDERS AND DDA TO CHARGE ABNORMALLY on one or the other ground from the needy buyers.This would also put a check on middle man involved in this business.
    2) Govt should provide paid service for ladies to buy the flat or house from the builder/market without falling prey in the hands of property dealers.ladies can not dare to buy house/flates directly without the help of male members from their side is a fact. This will promote purchase of flates by ladies independently because transection involves in this type of deal is huge money,so govt support will land a big help in this dream task.

  7. hi, i want to know wheather aravali institute of management jodhpur is aicte approved or not?