Cab Service With a Twist!

If you are in Delhi, chances are that you have seen one of the Quick Cabs, inaugurated by Delhi CM Ms Shelia Dikshit in August of 2008. I went to their website to have a look at who owns the company, but could not find any information… seems to me that this is a government run venture as it is probably the lowest cab fare at Rs. 7.5 / km.

Why am I talking about it? Turns out that while I was on their website… their logo caught my attention. Check out their tagline “ignite your wings” 🙂 Now i know 100% that this has to be a govt. venture… which transportation company in its sane mind would have such a tag line. Ignite by definition means to “start to burn or burst into flames”. Basically they are saying that if you take the Quick Cab service, it will burn your wings 😉

4 Responses to “Cab Service With a Twist!”

  1. i want to know if there is any minimum distance limit to take your radio cab?

  2. Website of govt deptt. are containing non utility informations.This is not just by the way but it is master mind application of brain to share information of public utility by the deptt.from quromside and from otherside public would remain blank.Visit any govt. deptt website rendering public service in delhi and see your self?The licence issued by various delhi govt deptt Transport,Development etc do not display the personal email ID of the relevent IAS orPCS officers.Leave a reply–is not answered.If all things becomes transperent than system of over charging will disappear.So there would be a income loss to the administrative deptt/accounts deptt. Thus introducing computor has not helped public while dealing with govt deptt in delhi.Railway and Banks are exceptions in helping public on introduction of computor.

  3. Abhishek Jain on June 19th, 2009 at 5:12 pm

    if ur talking abut 43434343 services then I would like to tell u that its run by company called HERTZ under name of carzonrent. Its not a govt. run because anything under gov. is slow and always in the bad shape……….

    u can go and check on their website

  4. the worst service ever! dont ever dream of taking a cab from them.u’ll be left stranded and they wont even take ur calls afterwards!