Man Made Gods

I was watching the CNN-IBN sting operation on the so called baba ji’s of India and to what level they can stoop to make a quick buck… of course quick buck is equal to a couple crores at least 😉

Some how i knew this all along that 90% of these so called God Men are nothing but frauds but how come they still manage to fool 90% of the Indian population? Is it because that we as Indian are always on the look out for someone to guide us.. lead us or tell us what to do, who to believe and how we should lead our lives?

This has so much to do with the lack of education also, religious faith is something else but when people start trusting a human over God then that is just plain stupidity. Come on people, when you have direct access to God (prayers!) then why do you need to listen to all these people who think they are Mr. know it all?

It is very commendable, and i applaud CNN-IBN for their efforts to unearth this scam. I just hope that the people wise up and stop wasting their time and emotions on a bunch of con atrists.

Why be lead by fools to the gates of hell when God is just a heartbeat away?

One Response to “Man Made Gods”

  1. the God men are going to be here for a long time yet because of the belief system prevalent in the country and are thus ripe to be taken for a ride. unfortunately, getting an education does not prevent it! most God men take great pride in pointing out the “high “status of their followers!