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Spice Jet Airline Taxes and Fees Breakdown Info.While I was booking a flight from Delhi to Bangalore on Spice Jet, I came across their tax break down information window. What I fail to understand is that, why a passenger is charged, fuel charges (which should be a part of the ticket charge), Congestion Charge (which is not a customers problem, as air traffic control is not his duty) and lastly the Web Transaction Charge, which is a service provided by the airline for booking online… seems like the customer has to pay for the airline to maintain their website.

No wonder they keep increasing the “taxes and fees” while advertising that their tickets start at Rs. 1 only.

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  1. Till now I thought only the govement could collect Taxes.

    I wish I was a lawyer so I could sue these people. I dont understand how they can declare the additional amount as Taxes, but these corporation must be bribing the government having closed their eyes. Collection of taxes has been privatised India?