Speed Web Hosting

Affordable Web Hosting IndiaI am sorry for not being able to update cribb.in for the last couple weeks. Well, the reason is that i have started my own hosting company and i am going very busy setting up the office and working on the couple projects at hand. I promise that i will get back to cribb.in as soon as things settle down.

As the logo suggests the name of the company is Speed Host (www.speedhost.in) and we are located in Delhi while our hosting servers are in United States. We are not just a hosting company but also undertake web development jobs. Right now i am still working on the company website so you will not be able to see the hosting plans but if you are interested, do email us and i assure you that you will not be able to find such a price and service with any other company.

Like every other company in India, our motto is customer satisfaction but unlike other companies we actually deliver what we commit 🙂

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  1. Web site is up and running with all hosting plan details.