Sanju Baba Behind Bars Again

I don’t know if people are happy about the verdict or saddened by it and i am not here to pass any judgment on the case or my opinion on what the outcome of the case should be. Frankly i am frustrated with or judiciary system. Why did it take 13 years for the verdict to come out, had Sanjay been put behind bars at that time when he was accused, then it would be a timely judgment. After 13 years when the guy has changed and no longer is a threat to the society, he is put behind bars.

Never the less, there are many loop holes in the judicial system and i am sure Sanju baba will be back on his normal schedule within no time. After all the law is for the rich and punishment is for the poor.

One Response to “Sanju Baba Behind Bars Again”

  1. You’re right, he is a changed man. All I have to say is that I hope he comes out soon because I can’t wait for Munnabhai Chale America. 🙂