Ramesh Richard: How 2 Get 2 Hell

I am sure you must be seeing this advertisement on TV for a guy talking in a angrezi accent telling you that he can show you how to get to Hell and also that’s “It’s not as easy” as it sounds.

Well… Yes the advertisement is very thought provocative as it plays with human psyche, Mr. Richard is not telling you that he will show you the way to heaven, like all the other spiritual philosophers and mentors to but he is showing you the way to Hell. Very intriguing… Unfortunately this is as far as he takes it.

As urged in the advertisement, i did go to rameshrichard.com and learnt that he does a complete U-Turn on his TV ad.

What is your eternal destiny? I’m not asking about your weekend plans or your next summer’s vacation, but what will happen to you, your soul, after you take your last breath? This is the most important question you will face in your entire life and I am asking you to think about it now. If you do not have an answer, you need to find out right away for this is a core question that has lasting impact. Find out how to not end up in hell, but rather gain life eternal. Begin your discovery today.

“How not to end up in hell”, So… my point is, if a so called spiritual philosopher and global mentor come up with a misleading advertisement to start with, how and why should anyone trust him in the first place?

If you look closely at the website, you will understand the main aim of the TV ad. The website urges you to register to win a ipod, or connect with Mr. Ramesh Richard via Orkut, or view his videos and subscribe to his youtube channel etc. Basically the idea behind the TV advertisement was not to directly sell something, but getting as many registered members through various media so Mr. Richard can later how you the way to Hell while you happily pay for it.

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