Tata Prima, the Concept Luxury Sedan

Today i got to know bout the TATA Prima, the concept luxury car and honestly i was amazed at the look. Tata which is known for not so good looking and cheap plasticky interiors has truly out done itself with this concept car. Of course this car is not designed by TATA but by a company called Pininfarina and though it looks like that the car has been pieced together using a mix of Jaguar, BMW and Audi, it still is an excellent design.

This is still in the concept and have no date of launch or if it will ever come out in the market but i hope it does and soon. If the design is my Pininfarina and engine is by Fiat and the only thing which belongs to TATA is the label on the car then i might just consider buying it 😉

One Response to “Tata Prima, the Concept Luxury Sedan”

  1. when it will launch and the price