Rain Takes the Blame, Civic Bodies Cleared

Even a moron knows that if most parts of Delhi are flooded by just 1 hours of rain, then there has to be something wrong with the infrastructure. Some how Delhi’s Chief Secretary does not think so… No wonder Delhi has such a poor infrastructure.

Article taken from HT epaper

A day after the chaos due to heavy rain, the in the city due to heavy rain, the civic agencies blamed it all the rain and wind. Delhi Chief Secretary Rakesh Mehta reviewed the situation and gave a clean chit to all the civic agencies.

“Waterlogging took place because there was unprecedented rain for nearly an hour. The civic agencies had made adequate arrangements,” said Mehta. “I have asked them to continue reviewing the arrangements.”

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), which is responsible for the upkeep of 98 per cent of the city, said waterlogging was reported from 45 areas under their jurisdiction. The impact was the greatest in South and Cenral zones.

MCD Commissioner K.S. Mehra said, “The main cause of waterlogging was the storm. The wind was blowing at a speed of 100 km per hour that resulted in uprooting of several trees and falling of leaves. The leaves that accumulated in bell mouths (openings of the drains) clogged the drains.” He said staffs were deployed immediately to clean the bell mouths.

Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) S.N. Srivastava said traffic signals were switched off in Central and South Delhi to handle the heavy traffic.

“It becomes impossible to tackle huge traffic in heavy rain with traffic lights on. There were incidents of traffic indiscipline,” he said.

2 Responses to “Rain Takes the Blame, Civic Bodies Cleared”

  1. The chief secretary decision seems quite prudent in the given situation of MCD performance.Rome was not built in a day.Where and when you had find MCD job so excellent that you started making so hue and cry about flooding which was just a bit for a longer period.All is well if the end is well, after all MCD carried out their job with grace and deginity within the available resources at the flooding site.Neither rain is at fault nor the civic body to be blamed..only observe patience..and patience that we had enough for arriving to areach to a solution.

  2. Rony… if something happens every year then someone has to be blamed for it and in this case the entire blame is on MCD. If just an hour of rain can cause disaster on Delhi roads, what happend if it rains for a whole day or more like in Mumbai?