Q & A With Hindustan Summit Leaders

I am attempting to answer some of the questions as asked by the general citizen on behalf of the so called loosers leaders of the Hindustan Summit.

For: Sanjay Dutt (Actor)
By: Shailendra Kumar (Student)
Q. Can Munnabhai help bridge the communal divide between the Hindu and Muslims?
A. If Munnabhai can help me solve the problems in my personal life first, then maybe he can help with the Hindu, Muslim issue as well.

For: Vijay Mallya (Chairman, UB Group)
By: Dev Karan Singh (Working Pvt. Sec)
Q. Do you believe too much taxation is levied on the aviation sector?
A. Gulping down a Kingfisher Light… I believe I have already addressed this concern with the Aviation Minister.

For: Manmohan Singh
By: Colonel D.J Singh (Noida resident)
Q. What is the government doing about the political-criminal nexus in India?
A. (After talking privately with Sonia Gandhi)… We have set up a high level committee for that issue.

For: Naresh Goyal (Founder Chairman, Jet Airways)
By: Gagan Singh (Business, Patel Nagar)
Q. Is there too much government intervention in the private sector?
A. I would like to answer that question only if we are off the record.

For: Tony Blair (Former British PM)
By: Syed Irfan (Marketin Exec)
Q. Do you regret supporting the Iraq War?
A. No comments… I am still under investigation for that issue by the Scotland Yard.

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