Gift a Cookie The Café Coffee Day Way!

I frequent coffee shops quite often, especially CCD (Café Coffee Day) which is close to my place. It’s a good hang out spot when you are with friends.

Yesterday i was scheduled to join my friends CCD and when I reached there, one of my friends handed me the “Gift a Cookie” receipt (pictured below). So how this works is that you pay Rs. 10 for gift a cookie and CCD will gift that cookie at the cancer survivor walk. You get a receipt which makes you eligible for the free cookie and coffee for a year.

There were a few things which were very peculiar and I had to crib about those.

1. When you are donating for a good cause, shouldn’t the price a bit less. 1 cookie for Rs. 10 isn’t that a litte too much?

2. Its not like CCD is donating the money collected from the sale of the cookie, they are distributing cookies at the Cancer survivor walk. Taking that into account and the fact that a cookie will not cost them anything more than a couple rupees, charging Rs. 10 seems close to fleecing.

3. “These cookies will be distributed at the cancer survivor walk” … At least mention when and where the walk is scheduled?

4. Can barely make out the serial number on the receipt. Even if i win the draw, they could very well reject my receipt as the numbers are not visible.

5. All is not a lost cause… for your contribution you are entered into a lucky draw and could win a year’s free supply of coffee and cookies… yay!! Do I really care? 😉

6. On the bottom left corner… there is a tiny print reading “* Conditions Apply” but no where on the receipt or even the back of it are any terms or conditions mentioned. This means that they are free to do whatever they want without anyone being able to say question them later.

7. I went on the CCD website to dig up more info on the walk but to my surprise they have no mention of this on their site!

CCD had done ridiculous things in the past also, like a couple years back on their anniversary or on any national holiday they would not server regulars for any thing… you would have to buy large or extra large… and mind it.. the large would not be at the regular price, which mean u end up paying 40% more just because it was a national holiday. Since a year, they have stopped this practice; I guess they got too many hate mails because of this.

3 Responses to “Gift a Cookie The Café Coffee Day Way!”

  1. HI, This crib reminds me of one such incident happened to me, I once went to CCD with few friends, that was a valentine day and hence they gave a special pink menu, we thought its just a marketing idea and gave it no thought, as we often go there we ordered whatever we liked without even checking that the menu contained no price list…………so when the bill came it was 40% more than what we normally pay, on asking, the attendent told us that we have ordered from the special menu for valentines day and the prices too are special and ofcourse 40% more than normal prices.
    Point to be noted is,
    Nowhere it was mentioned that they are running special prices for the day.
    The drinks were normal without any added speciality to make them worth the increased rates.
    The Menu had no rates.

    I nomore go to CCD.

  2. Hey ! Look at the bright side guys , at least that taught us a lesson to be more smart when it came to business dealings , they are running a business and everyone else around is , doing thier job – making profit , lets do our job – by being smart customers .

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