Saibaba Animation Controversy

Seems like these news channels have nothing better to do than use religious agendas to gain ratings. ZEE news simply took this video as is from youtube and created a controversy when there was none, the heading of the video itself says that it is animated and more over the language is Tamil… how on earth could this be real? Now i know what these so called journalists do to dig up news… watch youtube videos all day 😉

2 Responses to “Saibaba Animation Controversy”

  1. News Channels have turned in to Gossip & superstition channels. Look at India TV.. either it runs a story on ‘Khali’ or it runs a story on some Magician who can make ‘Statue Of Libery Vanish’ and who can enter ‘The Great Wall Of China’. What to talk of others.. they focus on episodes of ‘Laughter Challenge..!!’ and they are the first to find controversies where there are none…!!!! We probably need a thorough overhaul of Jounalism & Media..!!!!God save Journalism….!!!

  2. I agree. Hindi News channels have gone kaput. India TV in particular has shamed journalism by deliberately creating controversies.