NetBanking Phishing on the Rise.

I got an email today which looked like it came directly from HDFC bank, it was warning me about some account activity error and that my net banking was blocked due to the reason. At first I was taken aback if it really did happen but then when I saw the email closely, I could make out that this was a fraud.

This is what the email said:

HDFC Bank NetBanking Alert Service, has detected some Incomplete transactions and account activity error, Unfortunately we could not rectify this errors and we also could not verify your current information, we suspect this was because you have refused to check on this activity and also refused to update your HDFC NetBanking Account Information.

Either your information has been changed or incomplete, as a result your access to use our HDFC Bank NetBanking Services and eCBoP Internet Banking has been Blocked until you update your HDFC Bank NetBanking .

Please Login into your HDFC Bank NetBanking and update your HDFC Bank NetBanking Account information.

How to avoid your net banking account from being compromised.
I always follow a simple step to avoid any phishing fraud. Whenever I get any email which I think is suspecious, I never click on the links which the email contains… I always open a new window and then enter the netbanking url myself.

If you click any links in the email, It will take you to the login page which will look exactly like your HDFC banks login but what they will do is save your user ID and password with them.

HDFC bank has implemented security measures to save you from phishing, make sure you activate them for your account.

Below is the snap shot of the fake email i got.

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  1. hmmm..looks fake..I agree..

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