Is Nokia N82 a Good Phone?

I keep seeing the story telling ads on the TV about the Nokia N 82 series… is it any good? I was thinking of buying a camera phone so that I could take photographs and maybe even videos to post them on and I am so confused which camera phone to buy. I really like the LG Viewty as well. Both the phones have 5 mega pixel cameras and the Nokia had a wifi built in as well, which is definitely a plus in my books.

I currently have the Nokia E61 which is an excellent phone and I would not trade if for anything else if it had a camera built in. I have played around the with N82 but honestly I do not like the key pad, I have got used to the qwerty keyboard and it makes typing so easy and quick. The plus point of LG Viewty is the 3 inch touch screen, much like the one on iphone by Apple. Though I have never bought an LG phone before that’s why I am a little apprehensive about the menu and the software side of it.

It is so hard to get a good phone these days, if you are looking for both a good camera as well as some business features.

Can anyone suggest a good camera phone with wifi?

3 Responses to “Is Nokia N82 a Good Phone?”

  1. HTC Touch Cruise is better.

  2. I too got a N95 phone recently, was as confused as you are before buying, but I checked, really good reviews about different technology products are given, it was really helpful for me and hope it will be the same for you also 🙂

  3. Thanks Sanjana, i am leaning towards N82 but still can’t decided. I would miss the qwerty keypad which my E61 currently has and the big screen.