Hello Moto Q

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No silly! it’s just a cellphone 🙂

Well… the reason for my sarcastic remark is the new Moto Q print ad which i saw in HT today. The ad is showcasing Motorola’s new “Business” Phone and prominently highlights 6 main features.

1. Document Editor
2. Push Email
3. 2MP Camera
4. Wireless Music
5. Instant Chat
6. 30 FPS Video Playback

Considering this is a business phone why would moto highlight stuff like camera, music, chat and video playback (If it cannot record on 30 fps, what’s the point of playing it back on 30 fps?). Whatever happened to the real business phone features such as WLAN, GPRS, Edge and Web Browser?

Production cost 5 lakh, Print cost 10 lakh, completely missing the target audience… Priceless!

Moto Q by Motorola

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