Go Air told to Pay Rs. 15,000 to Passengers

Go Air Pay Up.. Taken from Hindustan Times Most of the people would not bother to register any formal complaints for a delayed flight, they would just make noises in the airport at the airline staff, which usually results in nothing more than a high BP.

When Go Air flight for cancelled and no reasons were given Mr. Yogesh Kumar filed a petition which resulted in getting compensation for all passengers on that flight.

I hope business are responsible enough to provide added facilities when there is a delay for whatever reason and by doing so they will show their loyalty towards their customers which will go a long way to make their business very successful.

One Response to “Go Air told to Pay Rs. 15,000 to Passengers”

  1. This is great step ahead for consumers. Can you please give me the details of this judgment as i have a pending complaint before consumer court for delayed flight.