The First Ever Blog Contest on

April 4th, Winner Announced: VIPER has won the ipod. Viper has been notified by email.

This contest has been closed, thank you for the awesome response. The winner of this contest will be announced by 5th April 2009.

I celebrated 2 years of blogging on last month but no one sent me any gift!

No worries! Today I thought of a contest I could host on which would be so simple and easy that everyone could take part in it. This way I get to give you a return gift even though I never got any!

First thing first, the Grand Prize of this contest will be a very cool 1GB ipod shuffle!! YAY!

What will you have to do to win it? Practically nothing!

Just write in the comment box below to earn 1 Ticket for the draw. Yes! All you have to do is write something in the comment box, it could be why you want to win it or how cool you think an ipod is or whatever that comes to your mind.

If you have a blog, you can earn more Tickets by doing the following:

a) If you mention this contest on your blog, you can get 5 extra Tickets, this could be as simple as mentioning the contest on your blog and linking it to this article.

b) If you put on your blog roll, you get an extra 10 Tickets.

If you use Twitter you can spread the link and earn 5 Tickets more!

Q. If I leave a comment, mention this contest on my blog… put on my blogroll and send out a tweet to all my followers, how many tickets do I get?
A. 21 Tickets

This means that the chances of your winning increase by 21 times as opposed to leaving a simple comment.

Important Rules:

a) Contest will end 31st of March, It will take a couple days after that to count all the Tickets and do a draw.
b) You will not get physical Tickets, but I will keep a track of them for you.
c) If you go the extra mile by posting the contest on your blog or send tweets etc, make sure you contact me to let me know. I will add the tickets for you.
d) If you have questions, post them in the comment box, I will consider your question as a Ticket

Please do not abuse the comment box by using multiple email address to win tickets, this is a sweet little contest… so please keep it clean.

Good Luck everyone! Go spread the word!

18 Responses to “The First Ever Blog Contest on”

  1. Winning is a natural instincts in all races of human being.loosing is also an attempt of winning .But behaving neutral exhibits a complex of superiorty or inferiorty shown in a dignified way by on .lookers

  2. This is a comment. 🙂

  3. this contest is a perfect stunt to publicise the site on a large scale and even i feel it quite interesting . well i have done , written here just to win and not for anything else .

  4. well this is great , now this is what i call a perfect site , espeacially for me as i was realy loaking forward to buy an i-pod and i can or i shall say I may WIN HERE THATS REALY NEW AND HONOURABLE THING HAPPENING ON THIS SITE

  5. 2 years celebrated and needs a 2 GB shuffle. anyways if free and i win even 1 gb rocks! go even better CRIBBERS! 2009 will be cribbers paradise!

  6. This is a comment too 🙂

  7. I am a reader of this blog since long, but i dont comment generally on blogs. So posting the comment for the first time. I am just keeping one ticket by a comment, will do other blog post / linking on my other websites if i win!

  8. Rajesh Mirchandani on March 15th, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    I-pod makes my identity with a personality.So looking forward to win one.Thanx to give all of us an equal opportunity to win a I-pod.Simply great goin.All the best for future.Will also ask my friends to join

  9. With Ipod we can listen to music wen we are free.I always dreamt of having an IPod.If i get tensed, I will listen to songs.But how many times I should have to switch on my system just to listen to few songs?So IPod is considered to be the best fo rme.So I prefer it so much

  10. how can i get the ticket?

  11. Okay, will I get a ticket if I commented that I don’t want one? And if I tweet that this is a blatantly dull idea? And so on and so forth?

    Yes. I don’t WANT a ticket, for this comment. Please oblige.


  12. Contest and contestent both are hardly honest in their approaches in most contest which are now and then taking place on print/live media or even at govt plateform where national awards are awareded. It is now like we demand and command respect/ awards to satisfye our ego and enjoyes. But there was a time when respect/awards used to come out automatically in recognition of merits.So just chill-do not run for the ipod.

  13. Going thru so much trouble to publicize the blog!What the heck, count me in for the ticket 🙂

  14. I guess ipod is a really important part of a teenager’s life . this help him/her to act cool amongst their friends ……….

  15. tweeted.. so i earn 5 tickets more

  16. Rajkishore Vishwakarma on March 30th, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    becoz its the coolest product for meeee

  17. my all friends & myself think that having ipods are coooooooooool.

  18. The winner for the ipod contest is Viper. Thank you all for participating, watch out for our next contest!