Find Indian Hotties on on FacebookCall it modern times or lack of ethics in advertising but has stretched this a little too much. I was on Facebook checking out the daily ramblings when this ad. caught my attention. “Indian Hotties to Date… Register on”

This is a complete misrepresentation of the service and I don’t know why would resort to such tactics to get more people signing up with them.

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3 Responses to “Find Indian Hotties on”

  1. I totally agree. I think they must have outsourced the advertising part to a foreign firm which didn’t really understand the blunder they did while getting creative on advertisement. The website doesn’t offer any ‘dating’ services.

  2. I wrote to, and here is their reply:

    “[…]I acknowledge your concerns and I sincerely apologize for these objectionable advertisements.

    Yes, we have already taken a tough stand with our Advertising affiliate partner and have had these removed from most of the places. We will also ensure that affiliate partners strictly follow our creative guidelines.

    We will never like to be associated with such kind of content. These advertisements are completely inappropriate and are certainly not reflective of what we have stood for over the past 13 years.

    Let me assure you that our customers are our top priority, and we are committed to serving our customer’s needs. If we discover an issue with either our product or our service, we will work to correct it.

    Thank you for bringing this to our notice and helping us maintain clean and safe site for matrimony seekers.”

  3. I knew this was the affiliates advertising on facebook to get mileage but its good that recognizes the mistake and will take action, although i really doubt if they will be able to check advertisements everywhere. Never the less, at least they will take action. Kudos Ambuj for the follow up!