Airtel trying to go Green!

I got a call from Airtel bill department asking me if I was getting the bills on time and via courier and then the guy asked me if I would wanted to get my bill via email instead of a paper bill in the effort to save trees. I told him that Airtel can simply stop sending out full glossy paper advertising along with the paper bill and that would help save cut the waste in half… to which he has no reply.

I am not against going green but I don’t like it when a company such as Airtel does so much paper wastage by sending multiple pamphlets along with the bill when they could just easily save the environment by first stopping this wasteful exercise.

3 Responses to “Airtel trying to go Green!”

  1. So true!

  2. The financial authorities in any organisation are very clever in planting high tech manipulations under the blessings of management authorities/administeration operating in organisations of public/private or government sector but who bothers.In good olden days mahajan used to manipulate accounts because the person were illeterate.In the high tech era the situation is almost same, only the lable is changed,the exploitation form is high tech.Avoiding of payments receipts and bills on papers on any ground viz to save tree,to reduce staff, to avoid duplicasy of work is simply to promote crime in a big way by brigade of ‘go green or paper less office or in the name of redundent paper work in accountining matters ???.What can you do sir,money makes the mere go.

  3. I agree with you Roney, seems like the companies all of a sudden have developed a green conscience and the worst part is that they are dumping it on the customer without giving it a thought that they themselves should be the first one to pitch in.