Educated Cowards

Cribb sent in by Neelam Adhikari

As i logged in to write what I saw half an hour back, I read this cribb of yours asking to carry first aid box in trains. After reading it, I am thinking what I witnessed today is nothing, when we are not bothered about our fellow humans who will give a thought to street dogs. Today an insensitive idiot driver drove right over a dog crossing road, and I just like others did not do anything, I wanted to but I couldn’t Because I did not know what to do, sometimes I feel our education has made us cowards, we give thought to everything and that thought backed with our so called education always ask us to keep our nose out of it. What a shame.

Can anyone guide me what should we do in such situations, specially with animals?

2 Responses to “Educated Cowards”

  1. Neelam, you have raised a important issue… though i don’t know what all we can do but in such a situation we all can at the very least call People For Animal and inform them about the incident hoping that they would be able to help.

    We all can save their numbers on our cell phones… can’t we?

    14 Ashoka Road, New Delhi – 110001

    Phone: + 91 – 11 – 23357088, 23355883 (Monday to Saturday
    10 AM to 6 PM IST Time)

  2. Thanks Prashant, I really appreciate it, maybe next time I will not feel so helpless.