Fakes Are in Fashion!

These days FAKE seem to be in the in thing… be it fashion (Lui Vuitton, Gucci) or gadgets like mobile phones (Nokia) and mp3 players (ipod)

I liked the Nokia ad. featuring Shahrukh Khan, it hit the right spot in giving a direct message to the consumers of fake mobile handsets… a neat print ad, something which I havn’t seen for a while.

Fireman Shahrukh Khan in Nokia Ad.

One Response to “Fakes Are in Fashion!”

  1. one thing here, shah rukh should nt agree these kind of ads. beacoz he is good actor. he choose any character very perfect and meaningful. here this ad maker or creativity director has over acting about to make ad. This as creative director should nt show a common man like fireman comparisons (every one has human rights). SHARUKH should see the ad values becoz that will spoil sharukh’s image