Don’t Vote For People Who Will Ruin India!

With my latest poll question “Who will be the next Prime Minister?” I am truly surprised to see L.K Advani leading by 12% more votes. According to me, this person should not be in politics let alone running for the post of PM.

I urge votes to read this article “Advani the party man or Singh the economist?“, it was published in Live Mint on the 24th of April.

It is a very interesting article, not based on emotions but on facts, which everyone planning to vote must read. After all it’s the future of our country and ultimately us.

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One Response to “Don’t Vote For People Who Will Ruin India!”

  1. To be P.M. of India C.V. is not required which contains qualifications and achievements success storey for impressing common man.Education and social engineering is much more important in country like ours where multi colour,language,cast,religion,cultures and climatric zonal area people come from.Conducts in words and deeds takes out the X ray of the leader at time when he had been in power in govt.In our country we never respect good deeds unless it is supported by dummy strength show.So make a non aligen party of non-voters who will go to the poll but will not cast his vote.A protest will be registered sir!.