Airtel Landline Customer Alert!

If you are an Airtel Phone or Broadband customer, you might want to read this. I too have an Airtel landline for my internet use so I do not use the phone for making any outgoing calls. This keeps my bill very simple as I know I have a Rs. 699 unlimited internet package and together with tax it always comes to a fixed amount every month.

Lately I stared noticing a Rs. 30 change for “Call and VAS charges” and I found out that a Hello Caller Tune had been added to my package, I promptly called the customer care and asked them for an explanation as to why the caller tune package was added when I did not subscribe it. The customer care guy told me that it happens sometimes, also that he would deactivate that package and reverse the charges. However I got the phone bill for this month and the caller tune package is still there though I did get a refund on the last one. So today I called the customer care again and complained about it, once again I was assured that it will be taken care of.

Rs. 30 is not such a big about but the fact is that Airtel added it without my permission and that really bugs me. Is just another way to make a quick buck? The next time you pick up the bill, check if you have not fallen for the same trap.

Airtel Landline Bill Problem

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  1. Hi,

    I am trying to get some VAS activated on my airtel landline at Hyderabad. None of the CC executives know anything. The numbers on their website are all wrong. Even the nodal officer for AP was very rude. I wonder if they got enough customers that they do not need any more.

    Rahul Gowtham,
    Dreamskape India,
    “Its All About You”