Delhi Metro to install solar power plant in Dwarka

Delhi Metro Solar PowerJust read it in the papers today that Delhi Metro will be installing rooftop solar panels on Dwarka Sector 21 metro station. This will be the first solar project for the metro and will be producing 500 KWP a day in about 6 months from now.

Although this is a very good program started by Delhi Metro, however there is a major concern.. while sunny weather increase the power output of the solar panels, dust and intense heat actually decreases the output. Delhi gets it fair share of sunlight but in the summer season which is last quite a months, there is intense heat and together with the dust issue which is a year round problem… i don’t think the out put of the panels will be anywhere close to 300 KWP a day. I don’t know if this calculation would have been factored into account.

Anyways, i applaud the idea and i hope this is followed in all the other metro stations or where ever possible.

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