India need the shakti of Durga!

Durga Shakti Vs Akhilesh YadavWhen Akhilesh Yadav came to power in U.P, i thought there is some hope for the state now. He is young, educated and seemed that he had the desire to change the sate of U.P politics. But a year down the line and things seem to be the same if not worse.

The latest episode with Durga Shakti Nagpal been suspended show how the U.P government is not only hand in glove with the sand mafia but also will go to any lengths to protects their interest.

An honest IAS officer is on the verge of being sacked because she fought against the sand mafia. In the light of this AAP has invited Dugra to join politics as a AAP member and contest elections against Mulayam Singh in 2014

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