I am Learning to Play Guitar Online

I have always wanted to learn playing guitar for a long time, last year I even joined guitar classes for a month but learning in a group was somehow boring and unproductive. Since most of the skills I know are self taught, I thought how hard would it be to learn guitar on your own… Well it’s not really that hard, there are tons of resources available online which will teach the basics (Chords) and if you want advance lessons, even those are available but not for free.

Anyways… Its been a few days that I have got back to practicing and I have already mastered the major chords and the next step will be do learn the minor. The hardest task I am facing is to tune my guitar, I tried a couple time and have reached a point where it sounds reasonable enough for me to play. I would appreciate it if anyone has any tips to help me learn faster.

One Response to “I am Learning to Play Guitar Online”

  1. I have also recently started learning to play the guitar and I can relate to your experiences…I think its the best thing that we could be doing and we’ll certainly not regret it.

    About the tuning…I purchased a simple looking mini tuner…pretty cheap at my local music store that shows you if the strings are in tune. Remember to ask them to show you how it works. It is very helpful as tuning by ear is difficult when you’re a novice.

    About learning…if you have the major chords sorted, then it shouldn’t take you long to learn the minor as there are few adjustments on the fret, between most of the major and minor chords… Hope this helps!