Citizens Weapon of Choice…SMS

Government never fails to put it foot in it’s own mouth 😉

An Olympic shooter wins Gold (only a game) & Govt gives him 3Cr + Awards. Another shooter fies fighting with terrorists, (saving our country and our lives) & Govt pays his family 5 Lacs.

3 Responses to “Citizens Weapon of Choice…SMS”

  1. Neelam Adhikari on December 3rd, 2008 at 5:05 pm

    Dear Cribber,

    I too, like many of us want to crib about the way elections are held, campaigns are made and government is chosen. From past few weeks the heat of campaigning has been on its top every party is cursing or trying to put the other party down but no where is it showing their own agenda or plans to handle the two major problems we are facing today (economic crisis and terrorism), whom to vote and why to vote just because congress is failing i should vote BJP or just because BJP is not favourable to my plans i will vote congress?????????we are voting not by choosing but by opting out because we have got no choice……what happened to Times of India’s Leadership campaign and many other campaigns where leaders were promised to be brought in front.

  2. i have also got a few of these SMSes and forwarded mails too. but things like these have happened earlier too and such SMSes were there thn too.. all that these things have managed to do is make us more cynical.
    a common Indian today doesnt expect for a change. these things happen, pain us, are followed by a massive media hype and headlines such as ‘enuf is enuf’, paining us more but thn things just die away.
    with profound grief, i expect the same this time too..

  3. So basically, sms’es after any such incidents has just become a routine and nothing more…As Neelam pointed out, sms has become a medium though which politicians take advantage of the situation as well. So whose to say which sms is genuine and which does not come with some political agenda.