Your Surgery Can Wait…The Prez Cannot!

4 Responses to “Your Surgery Can Wait…The Prez Cannot!”

  1. cant agree more with u.. but the prez wil stil get some acceptability going there. atleast that is a general practise!! so she had to adhere by it!!
    but what do u have to say abt Ritesh Deshmukh and Ram Gopal Verma accompanying Vilasrao Deshmukh to Taj. whn evn Vilasrao Deshmukh had no business being there for the same reason u cited for the Prez.

    i got an SMS on the next day of the attacks which was coincidently 2 dys before the elections in Delhi. the sms cited abt the apathy of Mumbai and the last line read- mehangi padi congress. vote for BJP.
    this is just what our potliticians r good for.. asking for votes!!

  2. @ Sangeeta: True that the Prez has to follow the general practise but what do people have to suffer for it. As for the ex Maharashtra CM, that was downright pathetic. Politicians & Media alike will go to any lenghts to get milage out of any news.

  3. I agree with you as well.. god knows what these politicians are made off!!!!
    Just to put another example accross(though not related to mumbai):

    The other day my colleague and I met the father of a famous journalist who was a unfortunately died recently in South Delhi..
    My colleague with genuinety asked him “uncle …any support??any headway to the solution”
    The Father sarcastically gave a reply we all have got used to: “son.. what to do expect”???
    Then to just take things in a different direction my colleague said:
    “we’ve been trying to contact you for(all work related) reasons.. but never got uncle you could jus update your no. with us for future reference”
    He said..”yup.. we had to change all our numbers coz politicians from all sides of the country would call to either
    1) request us to give a statement of the death to help them politicise the issue..or
    2) would offer money to use a certain set of words!!
    3)…harass them ruthlessly in any way to get some benefit out of the so called episode..”

    Now this was something that shut me up badly.. it clearly showed me what our politicians are upto!!!!!
    This is just one of the “REAL” life incidents I came accross.. and incidents in our country keep happening..
    so forget preventing incidents.. they actually are not even worth resolving the after effects..
    I hope the media catches the REAL life of all the victims and what the polticians do for them(both positive and negative) in the same intensity as they capture any of their crappy masala stories..

    and a simple message for all the Politicians out there:
    FORGET being a part of CONGRESS..or BJP…I’ll even say forget being an INDIAN.. BUT PLEASE FOR HEAVENS SAKE BE “HUMAN”…

  4. What i feel is that, if the prez was so much concerned about the people who are injured , she could have gone there without security at least it would have not bothered others who were there in the hospital. All politicians / president should understand and remember that they are here to serve us not to bother or show importance.