Tough Times Ahead for Tourism Industry

An estimated loss of Rs.50 Crore for the hospitality industry as a result of IPL not happening in India would look like a drop in the ocean when it will be compared to the losses incurred by the Commonwealth Games cancellation.

While elections are the biggest thing for India this year, sports events such as IPL which generally bring cheers, happiness, money inflow and in general bring people together. This should also be important to a country. By not providing security to the players, India is giving out the wrong message. How can South Africa host IPL when they too are in the midst of elections?

To me this is nothing but a political game. For the politicians, election is the most important thing… to gain popularity by hook or crook… by hate speeches or murders. For them Cricket is a interference in their scheme. For a citizen like me, games are more important than elections… why? Very simple… year after year either the Congress or the BJP is elected and year upon year both of them prove that they don’t have what it take but the issues still remains that of who to vote, sometimes its just as simple as giving the other party a chance this time…. Sometimes it is as complex as flipping a coin 😉

Regards less of the fact, India should work beyond such issues… During this slow economy IPL was a fresh breath of air for the tourism industry, everyone would have gained from this event. Unfortunately the politicians did not see it that way.

It is a shame for India to have their home grown league being hosted in another country… Commonwealth Games would be next, except this time it will be because of political in competency. The reasons are different but the outcome will remain the same.

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