You’r in a boat… why do you need a life vest?

This was the exact reply i got when on my weekend trip to Nainital, i asked the peddle boat contractor to give me a life vest… and here i was under the impression that life vests were to be used even on every boat… but apparently peddle boats are an exception on the Naini Lake. I even said that i was willing to pay extra for it but was told that the life vests were NOT allowed at all and then the contractor started to point at all peddle boats showing me that non of the occupants were wearing the life vest.

I find this very strange, though i know how to swim i still wanted to be safe, just incase… what about the numerous kids who take the peddle boats with their family everyday.. what is to stop them from loosing their balance and falling overboard?

One Response to “You’r in a boat… why do you need a life vest?”

  1. Yes, its the fault of administration who allow such practices. The Nanital administration is run by blind law enforcement and is ready to loot the tourists at every possible place. Tourism ethics means safety, transparency, law abiding, smooth facilities, affirmative information system and guidance. Can the Nanital administration and judiciary ready to drown their family members on such boats without safety compliance ?