Aamer (Amber) Fort on Jaipur Road

Feels good to be back in Delhi 🙂 Though Jaipur is beautiful this time of the year, the weather is very pleasant and the pollution was very less as compared to Delhi. This was not my first trip to Jaipur as i keep going there a few times every year but just like Delhi, Jaipur is also in a constant state of turmoil.. roads are always under repair and garbage is scattered everywhere.

Never the less i visited the Amber fort once again and that too was under renovation, fortunately they have opened up more parts of the fort which makes it look bigger and mysterious. The palace is now home to Art Chill which is an Art Gallery run by Sangeeta Juneja and houses works of Eminent Artists like Jatin Das, Arpana Caur, Paritosh Sen, Shamshad Husain, P.N. Choyal.
The view from the fort is breathtaking especially the view on the back side of the fort where the parking lot is. Although the Maotha Lake which is below the fort is mostly dry and becomes a cricket ground for locals, it still is worth a view.

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