Should He Sue Noida Police?

After spending 50 days in judicial custody, Dr Rajesh Talwar, father of Aarushi, walked out a free man on Saturday as the CBI let him off citing lack of evidence against him to extend his custody. After all those wrongful accusations against him, which tarnished his reputation… should he sue Noida police? I think he […]

Corruption in Delhi Police

Read the article below, it is taken from HT epaper. Incense seller begs outside court to ‘bribe’ cops. He tried everything to get justice for his son. He pleaded to the police to take action but in return they asked him for Rs. 50, 000. So, in an effort to shake up the system and […]

Abusing Criminals Leads to Traffic Offence

Just like the above title did not make much sense, same is the case with a statement made by the Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) S.N Shrivastava. In lieu of the recent incident of a traffic cop being hit by a husband of a municipal councillor and a rape of a minor committed by a […]

Open Your Mouth and Breathe Out!

I was out last night at Saket with a couple of old school friends. After drink we decided to chuck T’zers and head over to Opus Lounge at Vasant Vihar and chill there for a while. The problem is that most of the pubs do not entertain “stags” on a Saturday night, which is kinda […]

Gangster Babloo Srivastava Acquitted

This may sound like a story from any Bollywood movie in which a gangster is acquitted despite solid evidence except it’s not, this is real life and despite more than 40 cases of murder, extortion & terrorism pending on gangster Babloo Srivastava he is let off scott free in the Lalit Suneja murder case. Scanned […]