Abusing Criminals Leads to Traffic Offence

Just like the above title did not make much sense, same is the case with a statement made by the Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) S.N Shrivastava. In lieu of the recent incident of a traffic cop being hit by a husband of a municipal councillor and a rape of a minor committed by a traffic cop. This is what the commissioner had to say.

“People should and must respect a public authority. Nobody should obstruct government servants. We have started acting tough and initiate proceedings against such offenders under the IPC,” Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) S.N. Shrivastava said.

“When a public servant commits any crime, he gets severe punishment. Like the traffic cop who raped a minor has been dismissed from service. On the same lines, people should also be liable for strict punishment,”

Does the Commissioner thinks that being dismissed from the police force is a severe punishment for a traffic cop who raped a minor? Mr. Commissioner, what about putting the cop behind bars for the rest of his life and giving due compensation for the victims and her family? Just being dismissed from the duty is no punishment, when the case mellows down, he will be rehired so this is like a short vacation for the cop except the fact that it is unpaid.

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