Finally! The Ansals are Convicted

Ansals Convicted in Uphaar Case - Taken from Hindustan TimesFinally justice has been served but it has taken 10 long years. Even though the local court found 12 people including Sushil and Gopal Ansal guilty in the Uphaar Cinema case, they have been given a maximum sentence of 2 years. To me this is still unclear… kill 59 and get only 2 years in jail time and that also after 10 years, is this the message the court is trying to send out.

This is not the end of it. Ansals counsels will appeal in the higher court and try to win the battle there; this will buy the Ansals another few years. If they still loose, they still have Supreme Court.

In some case such as this one, there should be no further appeals entertained once the guilty verdict is given. The victims’ families have to go through this ordeal again and again, hoping and praying that at least this time justice will be served.

I have lost faith in our legal system; in fact I don’t think i ever had faith in it. Influential people have always gotten away with crime as money seems to do all the talking everywhere.

Is there a way we can turn the system around?

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