Airtel Broadband Problems… again!

Since the past few days I have been facing the problem of websites not opening on my Internet Explorer browser, sometime its not so popular website which would not open and I would assume that the reason would be because their server was down, but when websites like Hotmail and Google start giving a “page […]

Simplifly Deccan: Advertising which makes no sense

If you visit you will notice an ad in the middle of the page. Below are the snap shots of that ads Trust me… nothing can be further from the truth With most of the flights late.. how on earth can this guy tell the time? Well.. busses and trains were always around.. wern’t […]

Booking With… Wait!

I don’t really bother reading “Privacy Policy” on websites before purchasing stuff. But when it comes to Indian Websites, i advice everyone to go thought the fine line. Below is a cut & paste of the privacy policy i read on To know just how much “Cleartrip is fanatical about protecting your privacy” , […]

HDFC Net Banking : Round The Clock?

Maybe i don’t know the meaning of “Round The Clock” or maybe it has changed after HDFC bank wrote their own English Dictionary but to me “Round The Clock” means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a years. I went online to check my bank account… and i got “Due […]

This Time It’s

If you read my article on you will know exactly what i am taking about. Apparently is also boasting of the same statement “India’s Most User Friendly Matrimonial Website – JuxtConsult.” Something is fishy here. How come 2 matrimonial websites are saying that they are India’s Most User-Friendly ? Something has to be […]