Airtel Broadband Problems… again!

Since the past few days I have been facing the problem of websites not opening on my Internet Explorer browser, sometime its not so popular website which would not open and I would assume that the reason would be because their server was down, but when websites like Hotmail and Google start giving a “page not found” error then its time to think again.

Turns out that the problem is because of the broadband internet connection from Airtel. Airtel seems to have given out too many net connections without adequate bandwidth to support it. That’s the reason why, at time you are not able to view some website or download your email on outlook express.

When will we be at par with International ISP’s? Who provide speed in mega bytes rather then kilo bytes and charge less then what we pay to Airtel, BSNL , MTNL or other service providers.

2 Responses to “Airtel Broadband Problems… again!”

  1. I use MTNL Broadband in Delhi and really wonder when the actual user will be able to get T1 or T3 speed at his end AND not at ISP’s end? We are far-far behind to match international ISP.

  2. Just got to know that there is a under sea fible optic cable damage and that is the cause of slow interner. I think Airtel or for that matter any ISP should let their customers know by email or by sms that such a problem exists. It will save people the time they spend on calling the customer care.