Indian Railways Website

And Now…Ladies & Gentlemen, the “WORST WEBSITE AWARD” goes to…..!! yes.. Indian railways … (background sound clap..clap..clap) Today, one of my friends called me up, he wated to know the train inquiry phone number… naturally i told him dial 131.. maybe even 1330.. then he said “nahi yaar, my MTNL phone is not working and […]

Simply Marry… Nothing’s That Simple!

As an eligible bachelor in my spare time i go through matrimonial websites hoping to find a beautiful bachelorette 🙂 My search landed me on SimplyMarry which lately has been advertising like crazy in all media. Instead of straightaway filling out the “Simple Search” i went about looking at the website design (ya..ya..ya i am […]

LIC, Comes Out of the Closet

Believe me, this may look like a simple Ad by LIC but i guess there is more to it. I saw this as a flash animation when browsing though few Indian portals. Looking at the Ad i am sure anyone would say that there is somewhat a gay touch to it… the ad portrays 2 […]

Paying Too Much For Internet Access?

I was in US a few months ago and found out that my brother who has an yahoo DSL service is paying $20 (Rs. 900) for UNLIMITED internet access with 1.5 Mbps speed (Just so we are clear. 1.5 Mbps would be 100 times faster then your regular dialup speed) In India speeds over 1 […]

Airtel Broadband Customer Care