Spice Jet Getting Spicy

While I was booking a flight from Delhi to Bangalore on Spice Jet, I came across their tax break down information window. What I fail to understand is that, why a passenger is charged, fuel charges (which should be a part of the ticket charge), Congestion Charge (which is not a customers problem, as air […]

Why Should You Fly Business Class?

If you are based in Delhi or use the Indira Gandhi International airport for your international travel then this information could be of some help to you. Everyday in the newspaper you hear that the flights have been delayed or cancelled due to some problem at the airport. With the IGI airport under renovation (GMR […]

Go Air told to Pay Rs. 15,000 to Passengers

Most of the people would not bother to register any formal complaints for a delayed flight, they would just make noises in the airport at the airline staff, which usually results in nothing more than a high BP. When Go Air flight for cancelled and no reasons were given Mr. Yogesh Kumar filed a petition […]