Why Should You Fly Business Class?

If you are based in Delhi or use the Indira Gandhi International airport for your international travel then this information could be of some help to you. Everyday in the newspaper you hear that the flights have been delayed or cancelled due to some problem at the airport. With the IGI airport under renovation (GMR is handling the project) it has takes the fun out of traveling. Most of the time is spent waiting in the Lounge awaiting information on your flight as the ground crew is not at all helpful.

If your flight has been cancelled or delayed and if you are traveling on Business Class then you can request the authorities to let you out of the airport and allow you to return when the flight has been rescheduled. This you cannot do if you are traveling economy. I can understand any airline giving more privileges to their business class passengers but what I cannot understand is how can the airport authority do the same, they are under no pressure of the airline to treat the business class passengers any differently than of economy. If they can do a security clearance of any business class passenger again, the same could be done for an economy class passenger also, then why does the airport treat them different… after all the airport tax paid by both is the same?

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