Political Mind Games

West Bengal government is proposing to give out government jobs to those people who are letting their land go. I think it is a last ditch effort and not to forget a stupid idea thereof… knowing very well that almost all the government offices have over-employment problem possibly in the ratio of 1:2 which means that if there is work for 1 person, 2 are employed to take care of the same job. This gets worse as both the people employed for the same job do nothing more than 25% of their capacity. Which in turn would mean that 1 person should be enough to do at least 3 persons work in any government sector.

If we keep giving jobs to people who have no qualification for it, not only will it be a burden to the tax payer but also it would result in poor quality work with no respect to time. This has been proved again and again by our government specially the MCD and various other public departments.

Instead of solving the TATA NANO issue, Mamta’s government is trying everything to go the other way, why can’t they put public welfare before their personal political agendas?

Excerpt taken from HT epaper.

In a last ditch effort to quell protestors and keep the Nano project from moving out, the government of West Bengal is looking to play its ultimate trump card government jobs for those who are foregoing their land in Singun Apart from jobs, land-for-land and cash compensation are among the proposals that the Bengal government plans to offer to negotiators on behalf of Mamata Banerjee and the protesters.

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